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You want to be on the front page. You want your site found. We make sure our deals include financial incentive for us to... you

We agree on a list of target phrases. We work on getting your site found for these phrases. You watch your ranking increase. Unless you are found on the first page of Google or Yahoo for at least half of the target phrases... only pay half
the monthly fee!

Your website, your message and your product need to be found to be effective. We can make that happen. Take a moment to contact us and get started on the path to SEO success.

Check out the
proof here.

Your web site is like a store front on the Internet.

Imagine now a great looking, well stocked store which no one but you and your closest friends and colleagues know about.

Your efforts need to be found or your site is not going to do well. Just like a high-end boutique situated in an under-traveled part of town.

Search Engine Optimization puts your website front and center to searchers looking for your product/service. Our process can get your website from search pages with little traffic to right on page one. We will bring the potential customers to your site.

Avalanche Search Marketing's 100% Canadian team specializes in the creation, optimization, placement and monitoring of cost-effective search engine optimization strategies. Over the past several years, we have fine-tuned our strategies to provide results to our clients.

We back up our results up with a guarantee.

Here is some of the "fine print".

Check out our FAQ section for more questions.

Following the approval of the search terms and a signed agreement, we will work on the on-site optimization which, assuming we're granted access without undo delay, is typically complete within 2 weeks.

We start billing half of the monthly fee ($475 per month, minimum) once this on-site optimization is complete. So, that first month's fee is $237.50, assuming that your agreement is at our minimum rate.

We guarantee that your site will appear on the first page of results in at least one of the top two search engines (Google or Yahoo) for at least 50% of the agreed-upon target phrases.

We won't bill you the full monthly fee until our guarantee has been met!

Search engine optimization works.

Our continuing success proves it!