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White Label SEO

Very little of our new business comes from folks tracking us down on the Internet. The lions share of our business comes from resellers and, of course, from referrals from our many satisfied customers.

We know what we’re doing when it comes to SEO. We’ve been optimizing websites since 1995 (before Google was even thought of!) and we’ve been doing it for other companies since 2002. In fact, we still have clients who pay us monthly to do what we do that have been with us since those early days — and their placement is amazing. Right now, we have 85 projects on the go, mostly in the GTA and other areas of Ontario, but we have a few clients in Alberta and in the U.S. as well.

Our ‘retail’ rate for a typical SEO project is $450 per month, but we only charge $225 per month until we’re getting the client some half-decent first-page placement. Give us a call and I’ll let you know about our reseller discount.

You can either subcontract us to do the SEO work and we just work away in the background, or you can pass along the deal to us to work with the client directly, and we’ll pass you back a finders fee equivalent to the reseller discount once we get paid.

To learn more, call Bruce at 416-823-6095.